Mom To The Rescue!

Mom To The Rescue!

I love my Scottish heritage but a part of me has always been ashamed of the kilts. I mean, it is all fine and dandy when you are in Scotland and every second male is wearing one. The problem however arises when you travel to other parts of the world. Not many people understand that the Scottish male doesn’t need to wear a pant to be called the head of the household!

That is where all my grief and misery started. It was that time of the year again. The holidays… Time to go home. I was ecstatic! That was until I learnt that all my friends had decided that they wanted to join me this year. Would my family mind? Hell no! I was the one who took offence to the idea. The reason was simple. It was the summer holidays. Summer is a time when all the Scots get out and play traditional games. Small gatherings… Large gatherings… Very Large gatherings… It’s all part of the culture. When you put it like that, it doesn’t seem like a problem but… All the athlete’s have to wear kilts. Its compulsory! How in the world was I going to avoid participating? I was one of the best athletes in the town. My parents always bragged about it. It was going to be a hard situation to weasel out off!

I tried to convince my friends not to visit Scotland but they were determined. In the end five of my friends tagged along. Two females and three males. Their excitement was contagious! They wanted to be a part of the Scottish life and to experience the culture. They even told my parents that! Any Scot worth their salt will welcome the concept. That’s exactly what my parents did! The five of them were lavished with the best food my mother could cook. My father ensured that the beer was kept flowing. The mood was set for the upcoming festivities.

I took my friends to the neighboring sights. They took in the scenic beauty that Scotland is famous for. I even took them to a number of pubs. In one such pub there was a bagpiper playing. His music was average at best and my friends really enjoyed it. When we reached home, they regaled my parents with tales of the days happenings. One of my friends laughingly said that the bagpiper wore a skirt. My mother laughed and told him that it wasn’t a skirt and that it was a kilt. A lot of joking followed. My friend wasn’t ready to back down. Much to my embarrassment, my mother pulled down my photo’s from the mantle. She pointed at me and said, “See! Even he wears a Kilt!”

After that I was the butt of every joke. It made me feel increasingly irritated that my mother had betrayed me. The sports celebrations were the next day. It was something that seemed unavoidable. I prepared myself for further shame. My mother however had other ideas. She commented loudly that Scotland was famous for it’s sports. She went on to explain that the worth of a man was determined by how well he played. She proudly said that her son was one of the best. My Dad smiled at me in pride. My mother then suggested that my friends join the activities. After all she said, only the women stand on the sidelines and watch. My friends were quick to agree. I chuckled. They had no idea what they had committed themselves to!

The next day came pretty quickly. My mother presented my three friends with kilts and told them that they would be allowed to compete only if they wore the kilts. It was a matter of honor. I couldn’t help laughing. The guys had to accept the kilts or they would be called women if they didn’t participate. Their horror filled faces made me guffaw aloud! I enjoyed myself immensely and I even won a few prizes! The best prize however was watching my friends fumble with their kilts. Every once in a while they found themselves exposed to the elements. That made them extra careful! A kilt does keep things cool down there. It was new experience for them. One they would not forget in a hurry! The best part about it was that I had pictures to prove it. That certainly meant that no one was going to talk once they reached school again! My mom is definitely a genius!

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