Bagpipers And More!

Bagpipers And More!

I had always wanted to visit Scotland. It struck as a very mysterious and happening place. A number of my friends had been there before. They told tales of bagpipes and beer. Many said that the food was to die for… The one thing that stood out in everyone’s tale of Scotland was the people. The word is that everyone has a smile for you. No matter where you wander off too… The pub or the street! The Scots are an extremely friendly and welcoming lot.

That being said, I hadn’t got down to planning my trip to Scotland until recently. I read that August was the best time to see the bagpipers in action. As I flipped through my calendar I realized that I had a few days leave that I could spare. With August round the corner, I was soon engulfed in a whirlwind of activity that the planning involved. Luckily I’m a bachelor. I don’t have too many commitments. The one thing that did bother me was that I did not have company. My friends reassured me that I would find company along the way. Besides… The Scots would make sure I never felt alone. They were certain about it! I had my misgivings but the draw to visit Scotland was too strong. I was going with or without company. That was one thing I was certain off.

As luck would have it I met someone on the flight. A pretty girl who had taken it on herself to go home for the week. In fact, no matter where I glanced on the plane, I saw the apparent Scottish heritage on almost everyone’s face. Chances were that no matter where I sat, I was bound to meet a native. Anyway, the girl’s name was Aileen. We both hit it off instantly. When Aileen heard that I was visiting Scotland to learn about their cultures and traditions, she was overjoyed. She took it on herself to show me the ropes (It honestly was not the reaction I expected from a stranger!). Who was I to say no to a beautiful woman?

I found a hotel close to her house and I tumbled in to my room. Luckily, I managed to give her my number before we parted. A quick wash and I was refreshed. It was time to explore. I wandered around the streets and found myself getting caught up in the excitement. The upcoming festival had everyone in high spirits. As I gazed around and walked, I suddenly found myself tumbling face first on to the ground. Grumbling, I hoisted myself up and turned to see who had pushed me. A great big hulk of a man stood towering over me. Not wanting any trouble, I was about to apologize to the man when he threw his arms round me and said sorry. He hoisted me up and I can still remember my legs dangling in the air. It was such a relief to finally have solid ground under them when he put me down. I turned to go, but the man caught my hand and dragged me in through a nearby door.

Sweat poured down my neck. I was sure that I was going to get a beating. I started apologizing profusely and tried to get away but the man was strong. He dragged me into a well lit room and there I saw Aileen sitting on the counter. Glancing around I saw that it was a pub. There was a general air of merriment. Aileen jumped down and smiled.

“So I see you’ve met my Dad!” she said

The color drained out of my face. I was dead! The man was angry that I had flirted with his daughter. She threw a cloth at me and said “Go change!”

“What’s this?” I asked baffled

“Your kilt!” she said with a smile

“I never said anything about wearing a skirt!” I said insulted

“There is only one way to truly enjoy Scottish traditions and culture. That is to join in on the fun. That’s the reason Dad got you the kilt!” said Aileen laughing

“You set it all up!” I exclaimed and let out a sigh of relief. The people in the pub burst out laughing and so did the man who dragged me in.

I consented and wore the kilt. It wasn’t that bad an idea after all. The only thing that I needed to ensure was that the wind did not expose my family jewels! I later found out that the pub was owned by Aileen’s family and they had arranged a bagpiper night. It was awesome. Did I mention that the food and the beer were delicious? At the end of it all, I learned one thing… The Scots are very friendly but they love to have their bit of fun too!


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